Steam & Power Boiler Integration

Since our inception in 1990, Innovative Controls has completed well over 50 boiler control projects ranging in size from small 35,000 PPH package boilers up to 375,000 PPH industrial boilers.

Engineering Service Capabilities

We have experience with multiple boiler technologies and fuels including:

  • Natural Gas
  • Stoker Feeders
  • Wood Fired and Chip
  • Waste Fuel Burners
  • Fluidized Bed Technologies

We can help provide the best control option for your application. Our experience ranges from a small PLC or single loop controllers to a fully integrated Distributed Control System (DCS) on the larger applications.  In many of these instances, third party equipment is typically integrated into the control system.  Our engineers are highly skilled in incorporating multiple, dissimilar pieces of equipment into a complete package.  Some examples of third party equipment examples

  • Precipitators
  • Steam Generators
  • Turbines
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM)

Remote Systems Monitoring

We have implemented many solutions for remote monitoring and alarming to allow operators to view and control a system remotely. Please contact us for more information.


Optimizing a boiler to operate at peak efficiency is an area where Innovative Controls can offer additional expertise. Our trained engineers can investigate specific options to optimize your fuel usage based on your specific application.

Data Archiving and Retrieval

To properly optimize a boiler and continuously improve on its performance, it is important to archive data that can be retrieved for analysis. Innovative Controls has extensive experience integrating most of the popular data historians currently available on the market today.

We have also developed a cost effective archiving and reporting option called IciLog©. This can be especially useful for small plants that have trouble justifying the costs for a full scale data historian.