Municipal Gas, Water and Waste Water Treatment

Innovative Controls has extensive process and engineering experience for municipal applications. We understand and appreciate the unique requirements of this industry. We are experienced with multiple software and hardware platforms for application such as:

  • Conventional water filtration with fully automated backwash sequencing and control
  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment
  • Remote telemetry through RF radio, telephone, high speed WAN and cellular networks
  • Plant wide security monitoring

Municipal Gas, Water, and Waste Water Treatment Engineering Services by Cross Company's Integrated Systems Division

Engineering Services

ICI is a registered ISO 9001 firm. This strict certification reflects our commitment to providing quality and excellence to the municipal industry. We have an established reputation for providing innovative and cost effective solutions for complex applications. The flexibility of our services allows us to assist in any or all aspects of the implementation process. Our proven experience ensures the design, implementation, operation, and qualification efforts progress smoothly from kickoff to startup to continuous support for your system.

Partnership Alliance

A Partnership Alliance is a relationship built on trust, commitment, dedication, and excellence. ICI has developed several long-term Partnership Alliances that have led to mutually beneficial relationships. This relationship allows ICI to develop preliminary planning strategies to ensure overall requirements are met through the most efficient means. Our quality assurance program is structured around providing the best quality service by offering more than just successful projects.

Partnering with ICI provides our clients with the automation expertise that encompasses the cost saving benefits of technology and experience. A partnership  alliance allows ICI to learn your business needs and develop an understanding of the underlying requirements to meet your long-term goals. This level of commitment allows ICI to take ownership in making your business