System Panel Design & Integration

Systems integration is our primary focus.  Our goal is to work as an extension of your own engineering team to supply any level of services that your project requires. 

Integration Capabilities

Allen Bradley Screen

Our service capabilities are as follows:

  • Project management
  • Feed studies and analysis
  • Life cycle and ROI analysis
  • OEE analysis
  • Documentation submittals which can include:
    • Wiring diagrams
    • Panel design and layout
    • Product specification information
    • System design
    • Control narrative development
  • Material procurement and specification
  • Panel building and staging
  • System configuration to include:
    • Virtually any SCADA system on the market
    • Graphic design
    • Most major hardware brands supported for DCS and PLC vendors
    • Custom configurations using Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Thin client implementation
    • Data historians
    • Migration platform conversions
    • Simple and complex batch
    • Downtime and event monitoring
    • MES integration
  • Startup and checkout services
  • System documentation
  • Post project support