SA88 Batch Process

The S88 standard (shorthand for ISA-S88.01-1995) is a design philosophy that defines programming standards for Batch Control. When implemented correctly it can make a significant impact on your process by allowing recipe changes and automation changes to your process very easy. Cross Company Integrated Systems has extensive experience in providing design strategies using this standard. We can also provide or assist in programming this strategy into virtually any control system.

Custom Design Strategies

s88 batch

Typically we start this process by developing a functional specification which defines how the system will be structured based on the design objectives. Typically the Functional specification is based on a User Requirements Specification which identifies the system requirements with regarding data required, interfaces, environment and design constrains. Once the Functional Specification is complete it becomes the basis for the Hardware and Software Design Specification. For a S88 batch system, many of these documents will require the use of the S88 terminology to define the process. IC can assist your facility with the creation of these documents.


The S88 standard is based on two models:

Physical Model
Defines physical assets of a system in terms of enterprises, sites, areas, process cells, units and equipment models, control modules.

Process Model
Defines a complete process in terms of process actions but without regard to the equipment. Common terms are: Phases, Operations, Unit Procedures, and Procedures.

As you can imagine implementing an S88 standard can become a daunting task. Cross Company is well versed in using this standard. Our experience includes many applications in Chemical and Life Sciences industries.