Process Control Optimization

Automated industrial facilities demand reliable control systems to operate efficiently and safely. These systems contain any number of variables and strategies responsible for manipulating equipment to carry out a process. Process control optimization techniques provide enormous benefits achieved by reducing process variability.

Process Control Optimization by Cross Company Integrated Systems

Why Process Control Optimization is Important:

An improperly designed control system results in below optimal performance leading to premature wear on equipment, reduced throughput, increased energy consumption, and increased all around costs.

At Innovative Controls, we combine our expertise and experience in controls system engineering with our customers’ knowledge of their processes to provide a flexible and optimized automation system. Our engineers have substantial experience in a wide-variety of industries with established understanding of plant-process behavior. This provides us with the ability to identify areas that would benefit from process control optimization and provide unique advice specific to our customers’ system. Innovative Controls uses advanced process control (APC) methods to deliver adaptive and reliable automation systems. These include:

  • Feed forward control strategies to minimize the impact of a disturbance on the process.
  • Adaptive gain control (AGC) to account for situations with nonlinear control response.
  • Model predictive control (MPC) to predict future control strategies based on current conditions and a dynamic model of the process.
  • Expert systems for real-time adaptive and predictive process monitoring and control.
  • Dynamic process simulations to test the effectiveness of the controls system under typical and atypical process conditions.