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Migration Experience

Migration is or at some point will be a very important topic to every manufacturing facility. According to recent statistics, 65 billion dollars worth of installed legacy process-control systems have reached the end of their reasonable life cycle. Many companies do not have the financial resources to perform a complete replacement of equipment or the technical resources to develop a strategy for migration and replacement to more current technologies.

Cross Company Integrated Systems has an extensive amount of experience in integrating many hardware and software platforms and can assist customers in this process. We start by performing an on-site risk analysis and site review. From this acquired information, we can make specific recommendations on a migration path best suited for your requirements to minimize cost, risk and associated downtime.

Legacy Migration Services The Innovative Approach to PLC Migration

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Deployment Strategies include:

  • Human Machine Interface Replacement - provide a new HMI for communication to legacy system controllers
  • Application Conversion - conversion of older systems to new releases on current operating platforms
  • Improved Network Gateways - replacing old serial interfaces with Ethernet, Fiber or Wireless devices
  • I/O Replacement - installation of new I/O modules while preserving the wire terminations
  • I/O Interfaces - maintaining the existing I/O subsystem to be controlled by a new controller
  • Code Optimization - to aid in a future migration by properly documenting the control system
  • Enhanced Batch Manager - for S88 Compliance and improved operation

Consultant Capabilities

We work with you to evaluate and recommend the best, most cost effective fit for your application independent of platform or vendor biases.

Services Provided

From a simple HMI upgrade to development of a five to ten year migration plan, Cross Company can provide the complete planning, engineering and commissioning to achieve your migration and business goals.

We have the knowledge and expertise to extract the required information from the existing legacy configurations, graphics, experienced operator knowledge or old documentation in your facility. Based on this information, we can then provide a complete turn-key solution for your migration needs. Our turnkey services include:

  • System Analysis
  • Configuration Programming
  • Project Documentation
  • Panel Build and Design
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Startup and Checkout Services

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