Siemens announced the start of the “cancellation” phase of APACS products in 2011. If you still have APACS hardware running your plant, then there’s a good chance that you’ve started looking at migration options and Siemens recommends the SIMATIC PCS 7 line of controllers and remote I/O. This is best done with a phrased migration.

If you have the popular APACS Control System, you also have a decision to make. APACS was declared "mature" in 2010 with support only lasting through 2020. This article will discuss phased migration options from APACS to PCS 7.

Perhaps one of the hardest facets to quantify in the industrial world is the monetary impact of unexpected downtime (UDT).

Cross Company has seen a lot of aging and vulnerable DCS and PLC systems. If you have one, here are 6 immediate action items you should take to prevent the worst.

Minimize headaches when upgrading PLC/DCS by joining with a trusted integrator partner. This partner should specialize in pre-project collaborative planning between corporate, the plant, and the integration team.

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