The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness to the advances of the IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and to initiate conversations among different groups within an organization to better understand the direct impact of IIoT on their company’s success.

PLCSIM does not fully support SIMATIC H Stations when you need two or more controllers to talk to each other. This can be a serious roadblock in simulating and troubleshooting your process. Here's how you can overcome this challenge.

Cross Company has seen a lot of aging and vulnerable DCS and PLC systems. If you have one, here are 6 immediate action items you should take to prevent the worst.

The PLC-5 has an official End of Life date (June 2017). If you're still running the PLC-5, now is the time to plan for "Life After The PLC-5". Jim Bowser covers some of the migration considerations you and your team should run through.

Specification Documents are a vital part of any project. Failing to use them can easily result in going over budget and over time.

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