Minimize headaches when upgrading PLC/DCS by joining with a trusted integrator partner. This partner should specialize in pre-project collaborative planning between corporate, the plant, and the integration team.

The PLC-5 has an official End of Life date (June 2017). If you're still running the PLC-5, now is the time to plan for "Life After The PLC-5". Jim Bowser covers some of the migration considerations you and your team should run through.

Part 1 of 3, each of which takes on a major discussion point in the industry today, Benefits of IoT, Threats increased with IoT, Mitigation of Risk for Implementation. Part 1 covers how the increasing momentum of the IoT affects the process manufacturing environment.

Are you putting off the inevitable? Minimize unexpected plant downtime by utilizing Specification Documents with your system migration project.

You need remote access to your DCS system, but you're worried about security. There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing the method through which you access your system remotely.