System Integration Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing, Municipal & OEM Customers

Integrated Systems by Cross' Innovative Controls

Innovative Controls is Cross Company's Integrated Systems Group provides control system design, system integration, programming services and product fulfillment to industry and municipalities. With extensive experience with legacy distributed control systems migration and programmable logic controller migration, we serve chemical, life sciences, alternative energy, as well as water and utility companies. We work in partnership with you to provide products and solutions tailored to your application.

How to Control Two Process Variables with Only One Output

Integrated Systems' Chris Hardy walks you through controlling two process variables with only one output.

Three Element Drum Level Control

How can steam drum level be controlled to maximize both stability and responsiveness? The best method is to feed forward (FF) the steam...

Industrial SCADA Alarms at the speed of 4G LTE: How Cellular Killed the Radio Star

Brendan Quigley outlines the benefits of using cellular modems over legacy communication options.